About our studio

About our studio


Architectural Dynamics

ARCHITECTURAL DYNAMICS is a multidisciplinary practice which provides complete Architectural, Engineering and Interior design services.
The practice has significant experience in both Residential and commercial projects, producing innovative designs on time.
In our Practice our concept axis and goal is to allow modern architecture to be released from the prevailing geometrical forms which characterizes the current local architecture.
Our philosophy is that each project is unique and is created especially to represents the client.
The design and the functionality of the project comes from an extended study on the owner – user. When we design a space we are thinking the contemporary and future well living!


Our portfolio includes a wide range of projects like F1 track design, head offices, restaurants, brand stores, residential developments, unique houses and building refurbishments. Also we provide services about sculptural design, industrial design and luxury interiors in Cyprus and overseas.

The practice has expanded in the last few years designing indoor-outdoor high quality contemporary Spaces.

Competitions & International Projects

The office team undertakes International Competitions and Big Commercial Projects like Guggenheim Museum in Helsinki, Un F1 Race Track, Archaeological Cyprus Museum, A Sustainable City in Egypt,  The new E -Shell City in Middle East.


In our practice we always work as team having in mind the best for the client.

Clients, users and specialists are intensively involved at an early stage of the design process, by creating a high degree of quality for the design, encouraging the innovative solutions.

We fully understand our clients’ needs and sensitively translate these into designs of the highest standards.
Through dialogue and impeccable attention to detail we create contemporary and practical solutions.

Until the end, when the client will be completely satisfied.

Our after service policy helps our clients to maintain and improve the quality of their projects.


Our Projects

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.








Our Team


Dr. Stefanos Anastasiou

Stefanos has born in Cyprus the 1979. He studied Architecture at the University of Thessalonica AUTH. His interest for the clothing of the building and the envelope performance drove him to study façade engineering at the University of Bath in United Kingdom receiving his extra title in MSc in Façade Engineering. His master helped him to identify the buildings as live organisms. His research interest about the complex geometry design drove him to his PHD with subject the creation of a methodology about the design and construction of double curved facades.

He received his PhD in Architecture Engineering and Façade Engineering with distinction.
Early in his career he designs a major project “The new F1 track for the island of Cyprus in 2004”. The project drove the firm in a new level and since then is stably developing.

Dr. Stefanos Anastasiou
Senior Architect

Afrodite Anastasiou
Associate Architect

Christopher Zacharopoulos
Accosiate Architect

Loukas Koutsoventis
Associate Architect

Christos Savva
Design Director

Emilios Hadjistyllis
Scientific visitor (architecture)

Michalis Nicolaidis
Scientific visitor (engineering)

Costas Moiseos
Associate Mechanical Engineer

Dimitris Savva
Associate Electrical Engineer

Andreas Antoniou
Associate Civil Engineer


Firm Culture

A culture of design

For us, aesthetics and functionality are essential and can be found in the small detail of a handrail as much as it can on the large scale of a city plan. Our works reflect Regional Modernism and Dynamic principles by creating a relationship between the architecture and its environment, incorporating the culture of the region that will persist throughout the life of the building.
Client Involvement
From the beginning until the end, the client acts as an associate with target to succeed the perfect project. We work together and we teach them as we learn from them. From the beginning until the end we design with the client for the client, with target the happiness and quality of life.
We don’t design anywhere if our project will transform the local space in an ugly area – We design in such a way so to transform the space in a beautiful area – If the space is so beautiful we learn from it and either we design our project by learning from the surroundings or we create a form which will respect or feature the surroundings.  The climactic conditions affect our creation. We search the relationship between the landscape and creation. We are also inspired by the site’s physical qualities. We search for the site’s unique points and we use our design as a way to celebrate and enhance those qualities.

We Believe that

An architectural experience should be subtly created through the environmental thinking. When we create, we attempt to express our sensitivity through the way we think, draw, detail and adsorb from the client wanting for every element of the aimed structure.


Material selection is the most important part of ensuring quality and aesthetics. The choice of the materials is affected by the budget, durability, constructability, sustainability and final image.

Experimentation – Innovation

We also experiment with new materials and techniques and search for indigenous materials closely related to the surroundings or the region. We design tailor – made structures which are based on an extensive research. Our target is to create a unique path for the next generations.


F1 track

F1 track for the Island of Cyprus

Dr Stefanos Anastasiou designs a major project “The new F1 racing track for the island of Cyprus in 2004”
Relevant publications on this are:

  • Cyprus Mail n. “ F1 dream circuit unveiled from Architect Stefanos Anastasiou”, (29 July, 2004), pp. 2
  •  Cyprus mail n. “Finding the right Formula”, (01 August, 2004), pp. 22
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Dr Stefanos Anastasiou is participating to the following researches:

  • “Use of membranes on breathing envelopes” research in collaboration with Professor Jan Creamers from the HFT Stuttgart.
  • “Covering materials for exposed wooden structures around Mediterranean – Finding the right formula” in collaboration with Professor Papadopoulos Ioannis and Dr George Dalos from the Wood Design Department of the Technical institute of Larissa.
  • “How Architecture of a space affects the social network in an organization”, Research in collaboration with University of Cyprus Assistant Professor Dr Nicos Nicolaou.
  • “Ventilation techniques on traditional structures” research in collaboration with Loukas koutsoventis (Conservation of historic buildings)
  • Sustainable building environment, case studies and proposals, 2012
  • Planted Facades technology,2007
  • Breathing Envelopes and sustainable performance, 2006
  • Facade Engineering, “Design and Construction of the double curved facades”  in collaboration with professor Anastasios Kotsiopoulos, University of Thesaloniki, 2006
  • “Principles for the creation of Glass Envelopes” in collaboration with Professor Chris Williams, University of Bath
  • From Synthesis to Construction of complicated forms, 2004


Dr Stefanos Anastasiou invited for teaching:

  • “Integrated Design for Civil and Geomatics Engineers II” 2nd semester 2013 at ΤΕΠΑΚ
  • “Transformation according to organization” spring lab. at University of Nicosia, 2014
  • “Innovative Breathing Envelopes” winter lab. at University of Nicosia, 2013
  • “Sustainable Transparent Facades” winter lab. at University of Nicosia, 2013
  • “Use of movable elements on environmental facades with human action” winter lab. at University of Nicosia, 2013


Dr Stefanos Anastasiou is publishing the following:

  • Sustainable building. “Trends and attributes in the context of a business opportunity in Greek marketplace.” Dr Trigkas Marios, Dr Stefanos Anastasiou, Prof. Ioannis Papadopoulos. (Research is sent for publication)
  • Anastasiou S, Κotsiopoulos A, Papadopoulou A “Κτιριακά Περιβλήματα Διπλής Καμπυλότητας: Μέθοδοι Σχεδιασμού και Κατασκευής” , Εθνικό Κέντρο Τεκμηρίωσης ( Κεντρική Βιβλιοθήκη του ΑΠΘ (