House in Oroklini

House in Oroklini


A private residence





Stefanos Anastasiou

Project Architect:
Stefanos Anastasiou

House in Oroklini

Our concept idea:
Larnaca and especially the area of Oroklini is characterised by its humid climate and flat landscape. This house occupies a gap in the main coastal street which mainly is occupied by neutral architectural buildings mostly hotels and residences. Complicit with the vernacular setting on the one hand but on the other looking to fully exploit the views afforded by its location, almost all of the buildings internal spaces are oriented towards the sea. The architecture of the house is affected by the view, the functionality, the orientation, the size of the plot and the contrasting geometries of the surrounded compositions.

The new geometry which is introduced to the upper coastal face provide a dynamic but symmetrical structure with emphasis to the central circular volume which the entrance and the vertical movement is situated.

The several uses of the house are developing simultaneously around the circular volume, while a big v shape on plan is hugging the internal yard landscaped by a swimming pool, minimal gardens and a small church.

The equilibrium of the dynamic geometrical volumes is succeeded by a curved separating – stone wall which split the house on the ground to public and family sector.

The extensive use of glass aims to the interrelation of the inside out space. The big openings behave like the contact interface of the two spaces, filtering the climate conditions.