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Our Services

What We Do

Our Architectural services include Plot research, Design, Licenses Approvals, preparation of construction documents, and construction administration. We also provide a wide variety of services including feasibility studies, architectural programming and project management.

Additionally we are specialized in Facade Design, Interior Design, Office Design, Graphic Design and we can provide several design scenarios on each case according to the client needs.

Our services boxes will be the following:


We Design for Humanity!

Among the Cyprus Architects since 2004 we provide “high – end” Architectural services providing Ultimate and Innovative Designs.
Architecture is life! A good building maintains the quality of life internally and externally.

We don’t design anywhere if our project will transform the local space in an ugly area – We design in such a way so to transform the space in a beautiful area – If the space is so beautiful we learn from it and either we design our project by learning from the surroundings or we create a form which will respect or feature the surroundings.

The climactic conditions affect our creation. We are looking for the relationship between the landscape and the project. We are also inspired by the site’s physical qualities. We search for the site’s unique points and we use our design as a way to celebrate and enhance those qualities.

We undertake a project from Zero to Completion.

Our Portfolio proofs the quality of Architecture we provide maintaining the human relations from the first day of providing architecture to our clients.

Interior Design

Are you ready to experience transformations? Creativity and Innovation is the key! The interior can affect the quality of life within a space. While we create a space we are trying to provide holistic solutions keeping in mind the clients target. The Interior Services turns a neutral space into usable, functional, comfortable area.

Our Architectural practice provides Interior Design Services locally and internationally. Our long established  licensed practice has been designing beautiful interiors including hotels, residential homes, offices and shops from Cyprus, Nigeria until London and around the world for more than fifteen years, using intelligent-design solutions to resolve the most complicated projects.

Facade Engineering

We provide consultation on Facade Design from the concept to construction. Our services are dealing within the spectrum of flat – frameless facades to complex geometry Facades including materials like glass, metal, synthetic or wood. We can provide services from the starting Idea in order to transformed the aimed result into reality, based on our specialty as Facade Engineers.

Dr Stefanos Anastasiou since 2006 is consulting, architects and building owners, how to visualize their imaginary facades or even transform their existing buildings in such a way so to succeed aesthetically, environmentally and economically a sustainable envelope for their buildings.

We provide facade failure consultation, suggesting the right solutions.

Office Design

As Office Designers our company created several designs succeeding the increasing of productivity within a working space.

Our designs give answers to the question:
Is Architecture responsible for the performance and the innovation in a business organization?

Our experience shown that Interior architecture of an internal space affects the function of the social networks of an organization in such a way that the employees can perform differently in different spaces.

“Wellness” interior Design can be responsible for the performance and the innovation in a business organization!

Dr Stefanos Anastasiou created the lab “Transformation according to the Organization” researching the principles of the office design.

Store Design

Dr Stefanos Anastasiou been the formal Architect and Designer for Adidas stores in Cyprus since 2008 created several stores based on the high standards of Adidas. The office received praise for the design of ADIDAS store in Limassol.

Our multi store portfolio certifies the ability of our working teams to undertake demanding projects from scratch to completion within a short time.

Industrial Design

Based on the need for functionality our team designs furniture or items offering usability and aesthetics. For example during the creation of a store we design gondolas, hangers, shelves, light boxes, Lamps, and several other accessories. During an Office area creation we design offices chairs or conference tables and bespoke receptions. During the residential interior design we design several residential furnitures or even the door handles.

Our design creativity combined with our manufacturing experience help as to have the ability to proceed our designs in realization. Some of our designs are already patented.

Project Management

Our best advantage – our experience and knowledge on the construction industry for more than fifteen years allow as managing the constructability of our designs.

This professional service is  specialized on construction project management techniques concerning the planning, the design, and construction coordination of a project, from its beginning to its end.

Project services of our practice include involvement in the process of:

  • Principle design
  • Application to  legal authorities
  • Cooperation with necessary consultants
  • Tendering
  • Construction cooperation and supervision

Farm Design

Our team have designed a range of farms including several innovative dairy farms. All projects are designed after careful study of the needs and the aimed productivity of each case.

The first question that we answer. How could be a farm more productive and how the construction of the farm would be sustainable?

We have the knowledge of creating farms – we know about the labor, the techniques, and the robotics in the current farming practices.

We are studying about the behaviors of the animals managing to design and program spaces for higher standard of life for the animals.

Eco Design

We are researching and debating global ecological issues such as the consequences of urban sprawl and climate change. We provide architectural solutions for ecological issues, like bioclimatic architecture that reclaims the natural energy sources.

Before we design a project we can provide the following:

  • Environmental Analytics
  • Consultation on Energetically or Passively actions concerning the several systems and techniques
  • Consultation on Eco-Materials usage
  • Special,  Eco – Innovation Design