Cavo Greco Museum

Cavo Greco Museum


Project: Competition

Client: Government

Year: 2004

Status: Competition entry

Location: Famagusta


Stefanos Anastasiou

Project Architect:
Stefanos Anastasiou

Cavo Greco Museum

Our concept idea:

The primary compositional principle of the building is to create a public space within the Cape Greco National Park which will harmoniously integrate into the environment of the region. This is achieved through the attempting of blending the Interior with the exterior space in order to let the nature to penetrate within the building.

On the exterior of the building the dominate point is the creation of a green roof which covers a large percentage number of the building. The position where the green was put was considered as the most appropriate, as it takes advantage of the slope of the land and, mainly, gives the first impression of integration of the building in the area ecosystem.

The sinking of the building to that point, gives the sense of continuity and extension of the nature through the building. We also meet this intention in other parts of the building, where the usage of the area type of stone on the facades, which looks like a rock.

The roof is designed in levels in order to gain natural airflow without the use of mechanical devices.