Guggenheim museum

Guggenheim museum


Project: Museum

Client: Guggenheim Foundation

Year: 2013

Status: Competition entry

Location: Helsinki, Finland


Project Architects:
Stefanos Anastasiou
Afrodity Anastasiou

Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition

A Friendly revolution of Nature: The museum is rising up from the idea of specific natural elements. The stress which under specific circumstances is happening below the level of the ground or the sea is causing the genesis of volumes like trees, rocks or icebergs, elements familiar to the Nordic nature. Nordic simplicity and continuity of spaces inspired from nature is the characteristic of the new Guggenheim Museum of Helsinki.

The new building is composed of three main volumes, the Entrance building (2 floors), the Main Museum building (4 floors) and the Museum – Multipurpose building (3 floors).

This proposal respects and follows the program of the Guggenheim museum introducing a new geometric aspect in the city of Helsinki in an innovative way. During the internal journey within the museum, the spectator is experiencing the exhibits to the maximum.