Tower 120

Tower 120


Project: Commercial high-rise office tower

Client: Private investors

Year: 2017

Status: In process

Location: Limassol


Stefanos Anastasiou

Project Architect:
Stefanos Anastasiou


Tower 120

Our concept idea:
This tower is designed across the Limassol coast line, facing the spectacular view of the south sea of the Island. The main purpose of the Tower 120 is to accommodate multiple offices.

The glass facade is composed of a double envelope, separating the external climate from the internal. The in-between cavity provides to the users (delete the word “the”) comfortability without interrupting the view. An extra facade mesh filter is covering the west and east facade filtering the sun rays before they reach the Glass Facade.

Internally a Core structure takes place for static reasons, maintaining the surrounding spaces “free” for the office spaces. Centrally this core structure is composed of secondary spaces, lifts and “air atriums”.

The Concept of the building is related with the Dynamic development of the Limassol coast line, combined with the aimed functionality of the owners.