Derinia Municipality Competition

Derinia Municipality Competition


Project: Competition

Client: Government

Year: 2007

Status: Competition entry

Location: Derinia, Famagusta


Stefanos Anastasiou

Project Architect:
Stefanos Anastasiou

Derinia Municipality Competition

Our concept idea:
The new Municipal Hall is located in Derinia area. The building is placed  in such a way that the context space iscreating the feeling of reunification with our lost territories of the municipality, with the present reality. The purpose of that synthesis is to avoid creating a wall that separates the two sides (after the invasion of 1974). This is accomplished by creating volumes in such a way that any burgher who approaches the building has a direct line of sight and Visual connection of the  occupied Derinia Beach (entrance Atrium, cafeteria, offices, square).

The building manages to be functional due to the organic purity of the separation of the two main kind of uses, the cultural and the office functions.

The visitor enters the town hall after crossing the square that surrounds it. This area attracts the visitor to enter progressively, in the heart of the town hall.

The design of the building is seeking to the best possible energy efficiency, taking advantage of the bioclimatic architecture and  the renewable energy sources. The office spaces are placed vertically rotating louvers, making  independent the rotation of every unit of the Office. In this way we manage to accomplish shading, climate comfort and avoiding  the dimming of sunlight. The orientation of the building allows all the offices members to have naturally controlled amount of daylight. The user has the option to configure the environment.