Pafos Municipality Competition

Pafos Municipality Competition


Project: Competition

Client: Government

Year: 2006

Status: Competition entry

Location: Paphos


Stefanos Anastasiou

Project Architect:
Stefanos Anastasiou



Pafos Municipality Competition

Synthetic Proposed Principles

The proposal emerged from the application of both principles. These principles are binding on the Church and the creation of a building in the heart of culture.

In the heart of the city Hall, the cultural – social activities of the building programme are placed. The purpose of placing those  activities there is to tone the cultural and social role of the municipality of Paphos.


The offices spaces have the possibility of a flexible organisation of a floor plan. Secondary uses are put in vertical pits, freeing this way the floor plan and giving flexibility to its principal uses.

Technical description

The main building organisation is composed of reinforced concrete. In the external covered space it seeks to create large exposures in order to develop a dynamism between the internal and the external.

Bioclimatic design

The building design is seeking the best possible energy efficiency, taking advantage of the bioclimatic architecture and renewable energy sources.