Limassol Municipality new offices

Limassol Municipality new offices


Project: Commercial

Client: Government

Year: 2011

Status: Competition entry

Location: Limassol


Stefanos Anastasiou

Project Architect:
Stefanos Anastasiou



Limassol Municipality new offices

Our concept idea:
The building which is proposed reflects the continuity of the past in a new way based on the existing context area.

With a heritage image of the old Limassol which has buildings with roofs and Roofings, seams on the inside of large buildings as well as openings to specific proportions and in combination with modern architectural trends such as the freedom to plan, internal transparency, passive-bioclimatic design and large public accessible areas, the proposed building is to enhance the image of ‘ Town Hall – symbol ‘.
The roof and terrace and its evolutionary connection.


A. With the neutral volume of ground that unites the town square in front of the portico below the building and furthermore the building with the rest of the city.

B. The shape allows the maximum public circulation into a space built to serve the burghers. The building is pulled back on the Southeast side, concatenating the square of the town hall to the public of the area. This creates a new square in the city that could become the new landmark in the already dense urban fabric.




The windows in the old buildings of the city of Limassol and at the municipal Hall.




Bioclimatic design and environmental approach

C. The bioclimatic approach which concerns the design and development of the appropriate methods and materials make the building a ‘’breathing’’ organism.